Treatment methods

One team – one task: minimising the risk

Our vascular surgeons at Schoen Clinic offer you the complete range of treatment – from prevention to surgical treatment. 

Treatment with drugs is sufficient if there is only a slight change to the carotid artery. From a degree of constriction of 70 per cent or more, a carotid artery surgery is recommended to prevent an impending stroke.

You can completely rely on our experienced team. They are among the most experienced and competent surgeons in this field. Our experts perform all of the examinations themselves and discuss the results with you - for the best-possible treatment with the lowest risk. 

Surgical treatment methods

Carotid artery surgery: as gentle and safe as possible

Constrictions of the carotid arteries are eliminated by so-called removal plastic surgery. Here the vessels are opened and cleaned of deposits. During the surgery, different measurements of the cerebral blood flow are taken by the anaesthetists and specially trained neuromonitoring employees. In this way, reduced blood flow to the brain can be reacted to during surgery in a timely manner.

In addition, in special cases we offer treatment via balloon dilation and stent (vascular stent made of metal).

After a monitoring phase in the intensive care ward, which is primarily for monitoring blood pressure fluctuations, you are transferred to the normal ward already on the day after the surgery or balloon dilation. You can usually leave the hospital already after just a few days.

Aftercare creates security

In order to diagnose constrictions on the opposite side and to check the result of the surgery, we carry out another ultrasound examination three, six and twelve months after your surgery. In addition to these follow-up appointments, as supervising physicians we are pleased to continue to be there for you. If a stroke has occurred before the carotid artery surgery, we will also work together closely with different rehabilitation hospitals.