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All-round care from head to toe in the only hospital in the city on the west side of the Rhine

Our hospital is specialised in vascular diseases, diseases in the area of ENT, cardiac diseases and diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system. The ENT medicine and the vascular centre enjoy a very good reputation nationally. The focus of general surgery, bariatric surgery, is certified as a centre of expertise for obesity and metabolic surgery - for you, this means medical treatment at the highest level

Our expertise in the treatment of joint and spinal diseases under one roof enables us to take a holistic view of your complaints and guarantees you the best possible conservative and operative therapy. In addition to the specialisation in medical focuses, general and emergency care close to your home is important to us. As the only hospital on the left bank of the Rhine in the city and regional provider, we are there for you. Around 480 employees take care of you at Schoen Clinic Düsseldorf.

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Quality at Schoen Clinic

Schoen Clinic started defining informative, disease-specific and scientifically recognised quality indicators for all relevant treatments many years ago.

The objective is to identify the best treatment methods based on the quality data and, if necessary, introduce measures to improve treatment even further.