Our treatment services

Our doctors and therapists have many years experience in the treatment of mental illnesses. The therapy is carried out on a psychodynamic basis, the treatment concept is multimodal, integrative and therapy-oriented. What you learn and practice with us, you can incorporate directly into your everyday life. Reinvigorating and developing your personal resources is at the forefront of our treatment.

If you are unsure whether your symptoms fit what we offer, we are happy to advise you.

Treatment focus of the day clinic for psychotherapeutic psychiatry


Do I have depression, or am I just having a bad day? If you’ve been feeling low for a long time, you should always seek help. After a detailed diagnosis, our specialists will offer you professional help. so you’ll be in good spirits again.


Burnout – nothing works anymore. Those affected feel burned out and empty. They can no longer cope with the demands of everyday life. At Schoen Clinic, we have years of experience in treating burnout syndrome and other stress-related illnesses. You can always rely on our therapeutic and medical help.

Anxiety disorders

"I am scared" – everyone has had that feeling before. If fear gains the upper hand in life, however, this is a serious anxiety disorder. At Schoen Clinic, we are specialised in anxiety disorders and help affected persons overcome their fears.

Panic disorders/agoraphobia

A panic attack comes only supposedly "out of the blue". We will figure out exactly whether the cause is an anxiety disorder, also referred to as panic disorder at Schoen Clinic. That way, we can offer you targeted, professional help. So you can live free of fear again.

Stress and adjustment disorders

Over the course of our lives, we are constantly confronted with upheavals and challenges. These include, for example, partnership conflicts, bereavement or separation experiences. Our specialists can help you overcome life crises and to deal with problems.

Personality disorders

Strong emotional fluctuations can be a signal for an underlying personality disorder. These include various disorders such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or borderline. Our specialists can help you to live independently with your illness and to alleviate symptoms.

Deactivated affective, schizoaffective and psychotic disorders

This is a bundle of disorders related to a change in mood - such as severedepression, mania or bipolar affective disorders. "Deactivated" means that they are not - or no more - acute. Day clinic treatment is aimed at alleviating the symptoms, understanding the clinical picture and developing strategies for overcoming conflicts, psychosocial problems or stress situations in everyday life.

Late adolescent crises

Until the age of about 21 years, we go through development processes that go hand in hand with profound changes in subjective experience. This "psychosocial puberty" places high demands on the detachment from the family home through the vocational orientation to partnership and fundamental questions of identity. At this stage serious psychological crises can occur in which a temporary day clinic monitoring may be useful.