Application for partial inpatient treatment

Admission to the day clinic Hamburg

Please fill out the registration form via the link below. We will examine whether we can offer you an appropriate therapy in our day clinic Hamburg and will then invite you by telephone to a preliminary interview.

For this preliminary interview you need a referral ("Referral for hospital treatment"). These can be obtained from your psychiatrist, your neurologist or your GP.

Conditions for the partial inpatient admission

You must meet the following requirements so that you can be treated at the day clinic:

  • You have a "Referral for hospital treatment".
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are sufficiently capable to take account and make agreements.
  • You have disease insight and motivation for psychotherapy.
  • You have a minimum of readiness to cooperate in the therapy.
  • You are open-minded with regard to psychological connections of the underlying condition.
  • You are able to manage with the journey to the day clinic and back home alone.

What you should bring to the preliminary interview:

  • "Referral for hospital treatment" (hospitalization)
  • Doctor’s letters and the findings of any previous examinations
  • List of prescribed drugs
  • Health insurance card

The day clinic treatment is possible for all insured persons

We generally accept patients who are insured by any insurance company, private insurers, those entitled to financial assistance and self-payers.

Prerequisite for partial inpatient hospital treatment as a legally insured person is a "Referral for hospital treatment" issued by your doctor.

If you are a patient with private health insuranceorprivate supplementary insurance, we will gladly assist you in applying for the necessary reimbursement of your insurance before the start of treatment.