Answers to your questions

From admission to therapy content to the catering: Here are answers to the questions most frequently asked by our patients.

Which patients attend the day clinics?

We treat all patients with mental illness who are between 18 and 60 years old. We cannot accept patients who

  • have an addiction disorder
  • are suicidal
  • do not want to cooperate
  • are not in agreement and control

What is the difference between the three day clinics?

While the Hamburg day clinic is a primarily a behavioural therapy, psychosomatic institution, the two other day clinics are psychiatric partial inpatient facilities. The main difference between the two last mentioned day clinics is the special focus on younger patients (18 to about 50 years) or older patients (50 years and older).

Who are my contacts?

For any questions before your stay you are welcome to contact our reception. Should we not be able to help you - i.e. with therapeutic questions, for example - we will put you in contact with other contact persons.

So that you always have a permanent contact person during your therapy, there is continuity in your treating team. Each patient has their reference therapist, doctor and co-therapist. These are available for all questions regarding treatment and therapies.

What does a therapy week typically look like?

A "typical" therapy week is dependent on our treatment, because we want to adapt the treatment plan of each patient to the individual clinical picture. Therefore, each treatment plan includes individual combinations of group and specialist therapies, supplemented by individual therapy.

The therapies generally take place from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

How does the admission process work?

For the admission into our clinic we need the following written documents:

  • Admission application
  • personal report
  • Referral for hospital treatment ("Referral") with psychosomatic diagnosis ("F-Diagnosis") by your GP or alternatively by a specialist in one of the following fields: psychotherapeutic medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy, neurology and psychiatry, neurologist, psychosomatics and psychotherapy.

How long is an average stay?

The average length of stay is approximately six weeks. To decide whether patients stay longer or shorter in our day clinic, our doctors and psychotherapists work with you, and on the basis of medical necessity.

Who bears the costs of my stay?

The costs of a necessary partial inpatient hospital treatment will be covered by all health insurance companies.

If you have a private (supplementary) insurance for the elective medical service, these are also covered by your insurance company.

Who covers any travel expenses to the day clinic?

As a rule, your health insurance company covers the travel costs. Please check with your insurance company before your stay.

When will I receive my admission date?

We ask for your understanding that due to the number of registrations in our day clinic, some waiting times may be expected. These depend on different factors. You can receive further information about the current waiting times by phone from our reception.

As a rule, we will inform you about your admission date by telephone one week in advance. Please also provide your mobile phone number, if possible. Again and again, patients ask us why we can’t inform them earlier. The reasons are the following: It is only at this time that we can estimate with certainty which patients will successfully conclude a treatment with us and which therapy places are available. Basically, we admit our patients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Note: The waiting period can only begin when your admission documents are complete and our doctors have in principle agreed to admission.

How do I find my way around after admission?

In our day clinic there is a mentoring system for all newly admitted patients. This means that on your first day at one of our day clinics, you will be joined by another co-patient as a mentor. They will make the adaptation easier for you.

Your mentor's task is to help you with questions or problems in the first few days. Your mentor will contact you after your arrival and arrange a meeting with you. At this meeting, you will be given a guided tour of the premises and can ask from patient to patient anything that is on your mind.

What services does your therapy offer include?

The focus of treatment is psychotherapy. In group therapy together with other patients, we actively work on solving problems, with participants exchanging experiences, giving feedback and learning from each other. In addition, there are indication groups, which are specially tailored to depression or anxiety.

The individual psychotherapy is performed by a psychological or medical reference therapist. There is room here to address the personal ailments and factors that have led to or sustain the condition. Other treatment components are special therapies, such as exercise therapy, relaxation therapy and art therapy. These are prescribed individually for each patient.

If, in addition to psychotherapy, additional medical treatment seems sensible and necessary, the patients are in a position to make an informed decision after further individual medical clarification.

How is the team put together that looks after me?

In principle, treatment is provided by a multi-professional team that includes several doctors, psychologists and specially trained nurses (so-called co-therapists). For the duration of your treatment, a referral therapist is assigned to you, who also conducts individual therapy with you. A specialist in psychosomatics or psychiatry is responsible for the treatment.

Will I get well again?

There are best conditions to be able to help you with a treatment in our day clinic. Even if the personal treatment success always depends on individual factors: Overall, most of our patients experience a significant reduction in their symptoms and a noticeable improvement in their quality of life.

We know this because in the Schoen Clinic we systematically measure treatment results and patient satisfaction and compare them with other clinics and scientific standards in order to continue to improve our therapies.

The results demonstrate that we achieve good to very good therapy success for all relevant disorders. It fits in with the fact that more than 90 percent of our patients at discharge stated that they were well looked after and would recommend the Schoen Clinic. The numbers and data can be found in our Schoen Clinic quality report, which goes far beyond the legally required measure according to §137 SGB V.

How will I be catered for?

The lunch takes place in cooperation with the Casino Hoheisel on the ground floor of the Alstercity. There you have the choice between two different dishes for lunch. Alternatively, there is a daily selection at the pasta station and the option to choose curried sausage with chips. Water is available on the reserved tables at mealtimes.

Patients usually start the day with having breakfast together. Our kitchenette is at your disposal. Breakfast is not provided by the day clinic. Fo rlight snacks we have a variety of coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks available throughout, as well as water dispensers.

On the ground floor of the Alstercity you will find, among other things, a supermarket and a kiosk, as well as the Casino Hoheisel, an Asian takeaway and an Italian restaurant.

Can I temporarily leave the day clinic during treatment hours?

In order to leave the day clinic during treatment hours, you need the permission of the doctor or reference therapist.

Where can I store my personal belongings/valuables?

For the duration of your stay, a lockable locker is available to store your belongings.