Experiences of our patients

Your concerns are important to us

Our success greatly depends on our patients’ feedback. Your satisfaction is part of the success of the treatment. Anyone who knows what their patients’ concerns are can better deal with these concerns.

Your contact persons for feedback are Anne Leimbach and Claus-Jürgen Schmiedefeld, the complaints and quality managers of Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek.

Patient feedback -  Schoen Clinic Day Clinic Hamburg.

Patient quote:

"A big thank you for these precious weeks in the day clinic, for listening, the food for thought, the care and the strength that I could gain back piece by piece."

Patient quote

"I'm leaving the clinic upright again. The atmosphere, the understanding, the encouragement and the great teamwork helped a lot. "

Patient feedback -  Schoen Clinic Day Clinic Hamburg.

Evaluation portal - Klinikbewertungen.de

The independent portal Klinikbewertungen.de has set itself the goal of supporting people in their search for the most suitable clinic. Because the focus is on only one person in this - namely, the patient - Klinikbewertungen.de is built upon very personal experience reports. This allows patients to communicate with each other, and in turn for clinics to know how their treatments are perceived from person to person.

Image source: klinikbewertungen.de (January 2021)

Evaluation portal - Klinikbewertungen.de - Schoen Clinic Day Clinic Hamburg.