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The new corona virus SARS CoV-2 forces us to temporarily close our day clinic Munich.

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Dear patients, 
In response to the current health situation, we cannot admit any patients to our day clinic. It is expected that we will be able to open again as usual on Monday, 18 May.

Of course you can register for therapy with us during this time. To do so, please contact the Schoen Clinic consulting team, which is available Monday to Thursday 9-12 and 13-14 hours, and on Fridays 9-13 hours at 08051 80 54 67 65.

Thank you for your understanding.
Stay healthy - Your Day Clinic Munich

Our experts offer you new perspectives

Intense and true to life

In our day clinic, we treat your mental illness according to a therapy concept tailored to your needs. Our goal is a tailor-made treatment, with which we fill a gap between out-patient therapy offers and a full inpatient hospital stay.

The distinguishing features of a day clinical treatment is the close interaction of an intensive full-day therapy offer with your current life situation and everyday life, whereby family and social aspects can be increasingly included in the treatment. Things learned can be tested directly in everyday life and then discussed with your therapist in the clinic.

Partial inpatient therapy - more than inpatient "light"

With the partial inpatient treatment in our day clinic, we offer you many advantages that otherwise only comes with full inpatient treatment, combined with the advantages of outpatient therapy. You benefit over and over:

  • great therapy density and diversity
  • disorder-specific group therapies
  • multimodal treatment plan with individual and group psychotherapy, design therapy, sports and exercise therapy and relaxation techniques
  • Training kitchen
  • close interaction with your everyday life

Therapy process in the day clinic

On the day of admission, you will be assigned, in addition to the attending physician, a referral therapist who will be your trusted representative for the entire duration of your treatment. They coordinate the course of your therapy, is your therapist in the individual therapies and supports you in solving individual problems. 

Together you agree on the goals you want to achieve and, based on this, you develop the treatment plan, which will be adjusted as necessary based on your treatment progress. Relapse prevention and subsequent care will also be planned and coordinated by your referral therapist. Special importance for your therapy is the close monitoring and support from an ecotrophologist.

The therapy process

  • daily medical consultation
  • 2 x daily various group therapies
  • small rest periods between therapies
  • from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm lunch
  • The therapy day ends at 4:00 pm, but our doctors and therapists will be happy to hear from you after that.

Therapy without previous inpatient stay

Not all affected persons need a full inpatient stay. For some, partial inpatient treatment is sufficient, while others may simply not be able to complete full inpatient stay, but still need intensive therapy.

The focus of our day clinic is therefore on the treatment of patients who do not require full inpatient treatment. The treatment is aimed primarily at those affected,

  • who should remain in contact with their usual environment
  • in whom the disease has led to a significant social withdrawal and it is necessary to gradually resolve this in a real setting
  • with children who are unable to stay away from home for a long time

Duration of the partial inpatient treatment: 4 to 8 weeks

Addition to the inpatient treatment

Directly following inpatient treatment in a psychosomatic clinic, semi-inpatient therapy may be useful, especially if a trial and practice phase should be necessary relating directly to the home environment. The advantages:

  • the inpatient treatment can be reduced
  • Relapses into old patterns occur less frequently, since problems can be discussed directly in the therapy

Duration of the partial inpatient treatment: approximately 2 to 4 weeks


We have taken special care to create bright and friendly rooms, so you feel comfortable. Our group rooms are modern, equipped to ensure an efficient therapy. In addition to the therapy rooms, the 800 m² area also offers lounges and relaxation rooms where you can relax during the breaks.

We have:

  • kitchenette
  • lockers
  • relaxation rooms

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