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Schoen Clinic Day Clinic for Chronic Pain

Our semi-inpatient offering

The semi-inpatient day hospital for chronic pain is a facility for insured members of all health insurers, and an interface between inpatient residence and outpatient treatment. It allows you to receive very intensive therapy in our clinic rooms while spending nights and weekends at home in your own surroundings. Our experienced and accredited specialists will take care of you as you deal in-depth with your pain of all kinds and integrate your experiences from therapy into your private environment. The goal is to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life on a long-term basis.

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Chronic pain is difficult to describe. Those who suffer from it tend to experience limited mobility and flexibility or impaired motion perception. This also presents psychological stress that impacts your everyday routine and your social life. We address this problem as a whole at the day hospital for chronic pain by setting goals with you that are relevant to your daily life, and maintaining your long-term therapeutic success. Our day hospital treatment encompasses both classic inpatient multimodal pain therapy as well as meaningful, medically necessary supplements.

Individual and applicable to daily life – our multimodal pain therapy

Individual and combined procedures for pain therapy are available to you at our pain centre depending on the progression of your disease and the degree of impairment. We work with you to find the right approaches to treatment, with consideration for biological, mental and social factors and how they interact with one another. In individual and group therapies you’ll learn adaptive management strategies for being able to reduce your symptoms on your own. We also help you to better understand your pain: How does it develop? How is it expected to progress? What impacts it? How does it affect you and your daily life?

We spend time addressing the issues of prevention, management and change using active problem- and behaviour-oriented approaches to therapy. Our focus is on improving your body’s functions and abilities, with special consideration for your very specific situation.

Interdisciplinary collaboration for your optimal pain therapy

To gain a holistic understanding of your different symptoms and interpret them correctly requires collaboration between specialist disciplines. Your treatment team will be assembled based on your individual needs and consist of experts from all relevant areas of medicine:

  • pain therapists with a variety of specialist qualifications
  • physiotherapists
  • psychotherapists
  • sports therapists
  • Feldenkrais therapists
  • physical therapists
  • art and music therapists

We work as a team to develop a programme for your pain therapy, individually adapted for you. This programme is reviewed regularly and is always adjusted for your progress. 

Components of our multimodal pain therapy

  • chronic pain therapy
  • group activity (qi gong, Nordic walking)
  • pain and stress management
  • psychological discussions in individual and group sessions
  • learning relaxation techniques
  • body awareness training using the Feldenkrais method
  • drug treatment
  • medical and psychological education
  • learning about mindfulness-based methods

Individual and group therapy

A central component of our multimodal pain therapy, in addition to individual therapy attuned to you, is therapy in groups. We emphasise homogeneous group formation in this process. Your advantage: By talking with other participants, you’ll benefit from their experiences and suggestions. Furthermore, certain techniques or habits for your daily life can be practised together. Group therapy is conducted in small circles of up to eight patients.

Your treatment process

At our day hospital for chronic pain, we provide a variety of treatment programmes for you to choose from.

Therapy is held Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, including group lunch.

We also offer specially directed programmes for headaches and fibromyalgia.

You are welcome to decide:

  • one day a week for twelve weeks
  • block programme over three weeks
  • block programme over five weeks

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