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Consultation and registration

You want an intensive therapy density, without leaving your home environment? Then the partial inpatient option of our day clinic is the right thing for you. Take advantage of the offer of help.

We are happy to advise.

Your path to us:

From the initial consultation to the admission

We take time for your questions about an admission. The consultation is non-binding, secure and competent.

After clarification with our doctors and therapists, our colleagues in the clinic will look after you. They will contact you regarding the admission date and will provide you with for more information about the admission.

Our service times

You can reach us Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Admission is possible for all insured persons & health insurance companies

We generally accept patients who are insured by any insurance company and private insurers as well as those entitled to financial assistance and self-payers.

Information about the general hospital (persons with public health insurance)

Prerequisite for the inpatient hospital treatment is a hospital admission of your doctor or clinic according to § 39 SGB V.

Information for private patients, direct payers and persons with supplemental insurance

If you have private health insurance or private supplementary insurance, you need written confirmation from the insurance company to cover the cost before treatment can begin.

Conditions for the partial inpatient admission

  • Regulation applies to inpatient treatment
  • You are 18 years of age
  • You are sufficiently capable to take account and make agreements
  • You have disease insight and motivation for psychotherapy
  • You have a minimum of readiness to cooperate in the therapy
  • You are open-minded with regard to psychological connections of the underlying condition
  • You are able to manage with the journey to the day clinic and back home alone

Benötigte Unterlagen für Ihre Anmeldung

Vor der Aufnahme in die Schön Klinik Bad Arolsen müssen wir unsererseits überprüfen, ob unser Behandlungsangebot für Ihre Erkrankung richtig ist.

Um Ihre Behandlung zu gewährleisten, benötigen wir im Einzelnen:

  • Verordnung von Krankenhausbehandlung („Einweisung“) mit psychosomatischer Diagnose („F-Diagnose“)
  • einen persönlichen Bericht
  • den ausgefüllten Aufnahmeantrag
  • Vorbefunde (insbesondere HNO-Befunde), Berichte über frühere Behandlungen oder Entlassungsberichte aus Krankenhäusern

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