Dr. Dagmar Weeg

Schoen Clinic Day Clinic München

Senior Registrar - Day Clinic Munich

+49 8051 695-2060

Job title

Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
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Publication 2020

Help-seeking for psychological distress and its association with anxiety in the oldest old – results from the AgeQualiDe cohort study.
Johanna Katharina Hohls, Hans-Helmut König, Marion Eisele, Tina Mallon, Silke Mamone, Birgitt Wiese, Siegfried Weyerer, Angela Fuchs, Michael Pentzek, Susanne Roehr, Franziska Welzel, Edelga

Publication 2019

Determinants of health-care costs in the oldest-old in Germany.
Christian Brettschneider, Andre Hajek, Susanne Röhr, Angela Fuchs, Dagmar Weeg, Silke Mamone, Jochen Werle, Kathrin Heser, Tina Mallon, Janine Stein, Michael Pentzek, Horst Bickel, Birgitt W

Publication 2019

Does transpersonal trust moderate the association between chronic conditions and general practitioner visits in the oldest old? Results of the AgeCoDe and AgeQualiDe study.
André Hajek, Christian Brettschneider, Marion Eisele, Dagmar Lühmann, Silke Mamone, Birgitt Wiese, Siegfried Weyerer, Jochen Werle, Angela Fuchs, Michael Pentzek, Janine Stein, Tobias Luck,

Publication 2019

Determinants of incident dementia in different old age groups: Results of the prospective AgeCoDe/AgeQualiDe study.
Tobias Luck, Alexander Pabst, Susanne Roehr, Birgitt Wiese, Marion Eisele, Kathrin Heser, Dagmar Weeg, Angela Fuchs, Christian Brettschneider, Jochen Werle, Silke Mamone, Hendrik van den Bus

Publication 2019

Lifestyle Aspects As A Predictor Of Pain Among Oldest-Old Primary Care Patients – A Longitudinal Cohort Study.
Tina Mallon, Marion Eisele, Hans-Helmut König, Christian Brettschneider, Susanne Röhr, Alexander Pabst, Siegfried Weyerer, Jochen Werle, Edelgard Mösch, Dagmar Weeg, Angela Fuchs, Michael Pe



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik und Nervenheilkunde e. V. (DGPPN)