Our responsibility

Long-term strategies

Being a responsible business

Operating responsibly and being commercially successful is how we can deliver sustainable returns for our people, patients and shareholders. It enables us to deliver our purpose to provide the best individualised specialist care for each patient, whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality. 


We ask our patients

We always ask our patients to tell us what they think, it is paramount to our success.

For over 30 years the success of our quality standards and treatment has come from our ability to ask questions and let the patient evaluate what we do. We are able to learn from these results and continue to grow.

Our focus on the individual outcomes and benefits for patients means we can continuously improve our treatment through specialisation and experience. This approach won us multiple awards on the international stage, most recently in the UK with the Laing Buisson best private hospital award in 2019 and in the Netherlands with the Value-Based Healthcare Prize 2017. Harvard University has dedicated two case studies to our approach, these are seen as an inspiration for future health experts.


Being a modern employer

Our people are at the heart of what we do. We value our staff and understand how important it is to give them the best working environment, reward and recognition for their dedication and commitment to patients and colleagues.

Engaged people is critical to our success, patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. We maintain strong engagement scores in our employee survey and feedback.

We regularly commission an independent institute and take part in the national Great Place to Work® comparative study. Schoen Clinic institutions have consistently achieved first-place rankings for years in this Germany-wide comparison. In 2018, four of our locations ranked among the top ten for health services and two ranked among the 100 best employers in Germany across all sectors. (Visit our press area for more information.)

Inclusion and diversity – everyone at Schoen Clinic should feel able to be themselves, we value each person’s uniqueness and believe they should be able to bring their own unique experience to our business. This can only make us stronger as a business and help us to build diverse talent to support the diverse needs of our patients.

Health, wellbeing and development – We want our people to be well, healthy and keep developing throughout their career. If our people are happy and growing then our business grows too. Our aim is to be flexible, to have a personalised approach to enable employees to have choice about how they work to meet both their personal needs and the needs of our business.

We are in the business of health and it begins with our people. We are committed to supporting our employees to stay safe and feel good at work and at home.

We offer a range of tailored learning and development opportunities to give everyone at Schoen Clinic opportunities and support to achieve their ambitions. Our employees are encouraged to create personal development plans, they are provided with the resources and tools to help. Their progress, training and development opportunities are discussed regularly with their manager.


We generate a quarter of the electricity required ourselves

We also think and act sustainably when responsibly handling resources. Regular energy audits by external auditors confirm that Schoen Clinic is moving forward in an ecologically sustainable manner. We are implementing our most comprehensive measures ever in terms of energy efficiency: we now generate almost a quarter of the electricity required across the whole company ourselves, through CHP units at seven locations with high efficiency levels.

Our “green hospital” concept was able to be realised for Schoen Clinic Roseneck in Prien. As the first type of “new health building” worldwide, the new hospital building was awarded the platinum award - the best award in this field across the globe - from the German Sustainable Building Council in 2016. One crucial factor was that the air quality, acoustics and room temperature created a comfortable environment for users in the new building. For the building itself, patients became artists and created many works of art.

Architecture that promotes recovery

Mountains, lakes and the sea

With our buildings, we have long noticed that architecture can promote recovery. During your stay at the hospital as a patient, you should have the best-possible access to nature so you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Having the right room conditions is even more important so you can sleep well during your hospital stay.

Even the new buildings from when the hospital group was first founded set trends here. The mental health hospital Schoen Clinic Roseneck provides patients with a special landscape experience, as the building opens up onto Lake Chiemsee. The orthopaedic hospital Schoen Clinic Neustadt is directly on the coast - you can see the pier from the cafeteria. A round shape was chosen for the neurological hospital Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling to provide each patient with a view of the beautiful landscape of Upper Bavaria.

We also take care of the details. These include, for example, warm ceiling designs on the way to the operating theatre, and particularly relaxing colour concepts, for example, in mental health wards. According to our concept for architecture that promotes healing, daylight is also particularly important. Patients are not the only ones who benefit - our staff benefit when the operating theatre and connected cafeteria are provided with daylight, such as in the new Schoen Clinic Neustadt, Vogtareuth and München Harlaching buildings and extensions.

Hospitals on the waterfront and in the countryside - A selection


Help where help is needed

Since the company was founded, we have worked to help people achieve a better quality of life. Our patients and staff are our focus. But we also help on a local, regional and international level where required and where we can actively make an impact. In 2016, we started a foundation to link together the social engagement of the family company and its staff.

SchönHelfen – Schoen Clinic foundation for health

As a charitable foundation, SchönHelfen achieves a long-term contribution towards promoting health for the common good. Here are just two examples:

  • Thalidomide consultation hours
    In Hamburg, the SchönHelfen foundation has enabled specialist and interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment for those affected by thalidomides. Elsewhere, these patients have hardly any opportunity to find similar medical and therapeutic expertise for their complaints: The Hamburg thalidomide consultation hours is still unique across the globe. More than 100 patients per year can find treatment options and support for everyday life.
  • Hospital construction in Tanzania: Dr Minja Hospital Tanzania
    In cooperation with two other experienced charitable organisations, SchönHelfen is assisting the construction of a hospital in Tanzania. Here, at the foot of Kilimanjaro, medical help is desperately needed: a team made up of two doctors and several nurses currently care for around 25,000 patients each year and assist in 1,000 births each year, with the most basic of tools.


Science and research

For a constantly better treatment of our patients

We believe that excellent medicine cannot exist without research. The exchange between clinical practice, research and teaching forms part of our philosophy. This can be seen through the creation of numerous scholarships by our hospital group and the continuation of scientific cooperations with universities across Germany and Austria. Highly qualified medical staff use the comprehensive quality data from Schoen Clinic and the infrastructure of our company to drive studies and knowledge to achieve better treatment for our patients (see “Research and teaching” for more information). Results can regularly be read in prestigious scientific journals in their respective medical disciplines.