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Schoen Clinic head office, Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein | 08.18 Uhr - 05.12.2019

Frances Greiner-Matzen-Sohn becomes Managing Director in Franconia

From 1 January 2020, Frances Greiner-Matzen-Sohn will be managing Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein and Schoen Clinic Nürnberg Fürth as Managing Director. The 37-year-old has been with the company for five years, most recently managing Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein.

"With Ms Greiner-Matzen-Sohn, we are delighted to have gained a very competent and experienced colleague from our own ranks for this position," says Dr Mate Ivančić, CEO of Schoen Clinic SE. Greiner-Matzen-Sohn has a total of more than 15 years of experience in the hospital sector. The business economist begun her working life at the Schoen Clinic Group in 2015 in the central corporate development division. Only two years later, she took over the position of Clinic Manager at the Bad Staffelstein site and contributed significantly to the successful further development of this clinic.

Greiner-Matzen-Sohn happily accepts the new challenge: "Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein and Schoen Clinic Nürnberg Fürth, with their very different specialisations, create a highly qualified range of services for the Franconian region and sometimes even far beyond. I am delighted to be able to take on the responsibility for both clinics with their committed employees.”

While Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein, with its three specialist centres of psychosomatics, orthopaedics and neurology in acute and rehabilitation treatment, is well-known throughout Germany, Schoen Clinic Nürnberg Fürth focuses on the spine and back, obesity surgery, orthopaedics, endoprosthetics and accident surgery, as well as internal medicine, anaesthesia and intensive care. Together, more than 800 employees at these two sites treat around 8,000 patients a year.

About Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

The clinic specialises in the fields of psychosomatics, orthopaedics and neurology and has 330 beds. Each year, approximately 560 employees treat more than 4,500 patients. The clinic offers special expertise in the intensive-medicinal care and rehabilitation of profound and severely affected neurological patients as well as in the treatment of eating disorders, burnout and depression. Other focal points are in orthopaedic rehabilitation and acute as well as rehabilitative pain therapy.

About Schoen Clinic Nürnberg Fürth

The Schoen Clinic in the Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen metropolitan area is a specialist clinic for spine and scoliosis therapy, general and visceral surgery, accident surgery, orthopaedics and endoprosthetics, internal medicine and anaesthesia and intensive care for patients of all health insurances. In addition to the specialisation in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (back, joints), abdominal diseases are treated here, mostly minimally invasively. The Schoen Clinic also offers a 24-hour emergency room in their medical departments. Around 310 employees look after approximately 5,000 inpatients a year.


The largest family-run hospital group in Germany treats all patients, whether they have statutory or private insurance. Since its foundation by the Schön family in 1985, the company has achieved quality and excellence through specialisation. Its medical focal points include mental health, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and internal medicine. At currently 26 locations in Bavaria, Hamburg, Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig Holstein and the United Kingdom, 10,600 staff treat around 300,000 patients per year. For years, Schoen Clinic has measured the results of treatment and regularly used them to make relevant improvements for its patients.


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