Schoen Clinic in numbers - a selection

For us, quality is more than just a word

We are the first hospital group in Germany that introduced a systematic recording and evaluation of its treatment results. These data help our experts to consistently improve their approaches. We also receive a lot of international recognition for our quality and quality measurement. Harvard University in the US, for example, uses our approach as a model for future health experts.


is how long we have already been evaluating our treatment results in order to develop improvements for our patients.


is how many awards we have received from Focus Health magazine: 45 as top physicians and 40 as top hospitals.

per cent

of the population have access to our high quality medicine, whether statutorily or privately insured.

Your back - our specialisation


is how long a 3D full body scan takes with our EOS devices - with pinpoint accuracy and ten-times less radiant than X-rays.


are how many patient spines we surgically treated in 2017. From herniated discs to spinal canal stenosis.


with back pain did we treat conservatively in-patient in 2017. Our experts treated 20.559 patients outpatient.

Back pain may be due to a wide variety of causes. At Schoen Clinic, we are specialised in the treatment of back pain. We get to the bottom of the cause of your pain using precise and individual diagnoses. For example, we use our EOS devices to create a fully body scan of a standing person. This Nobel Prize-winning technology makes it easier for us to diagnose spine, knee and hip diseases. We also find the right treatment for you with a precise diagnosis.

Pioneer in quality mental health

In 1985, we became the first hospital in Germany to specialise in the treatment of eating disorders. To this day, we are still pioneers in this field. One in six mentally ill people who undergo mental health treatment in Germany go to a Schoen Clinic. This makes us number one. We have developed our own treatment concepts for different illnesses since so many patients with the same diagnosis come to us. In this way, our patients receive exactly the treatment that will help each of them individually.


with an eating disorder came to our psychosomatic hospitals in 2017 to learn how to eat healthily again.


and children are how many we treated for psychosomatic illnesses, such as anorexia, in 2017.


with depression are how many we helped to feel more joyful again with our treatments in 2017.

Quickly mobile with an artificial joint

per cent

of our Endo Aktiv patients require a blood transfusion after their hip surgery - opposed to 22 % with conventional methods.

hip and knee joints

are how many we used for our patients in 2017 so that they can move freely again as quickly as possible.


after surgery, our patients can usually take their first steps with their new hip joint.

If our expertise in the conservative treatment of joint pain is exhausted, an artificial joint may help. Schoen Clinic is one of the top three endoprosthetics specialists in Germany. We do not just have one certified endoprosthetics centre - we have seven nationwide! Our specially-developed Schoen Clinic Endo Aktiv program uses gentle anaesthesia procedures, small incisions and customised pain treatment to aid a faster recovery. What this means specifically is that our Endo Aktiv patients require blood transfusions only in rare cases during the procedure and can get up for the first time already only a few hours after their surgery. This reduces the risk of complications.

Schoen Clinic as an employer

We are convinced: Satisfied patients only come with satisfied employees. We are investing more than the industry average in our infrastructure to ensure that our 10,600 employees can give their best every day to provide medical care to our patients. For example, we create attractive workplaces through operating theatres with daylight and short thought-out routes and we promote the compatibility of family and profession through working time models for our employees.


of Schoen Clinic were awarded as a "Great Place to Work” in 2018 - all among the top ten in the health sector.

support hours

for the children of our employees in one summer - we support the parents among our employees through our holiday childcare.

million euros

is what we invested in our “operating theatres of the future” in the last seven years alone - for a modern infrastructure.