Our investments

With investments in the future

We rely on our enthusiasm for change and desire for something new. We therefore continuously invest in our locations. Whether we are building completely new hospitals or expanding operating theatres, using state-of-the-art medical technology or converting to digital, through our comprehensive investments, we are creating the framework for excellent medicine. We employ technology and architecture for considerate treatment and a pleasant patient experience. Read our three examples below:

  • Our EOS device carries out a razor-sharp full-body scan in 3D in just 20 seconds that allows for clear and simple diagnostics for disorders such as scoliosis, with a radiation exposure level up to ten times lower than with conventional imaging methods.
  • On their way to the operating theatre, our patients look up at an illuminated ceiling with delicate flowers in front of a blue sky from their bed, and know that they are in the best hands with us.
  • Patients are entertained through virtual-reality glasses or headphones with pictures or songs as part of a pilot study during surgery of the knee, hip, hand or foot. Patients feel hardly any worry and stress and require fewer narcotics when following our physician’s approach. In turn, this helps them recover faster after surgery.

Above-average investment ratio

Our investment ratio is eight to ten per cent on average per year - an above-average value in terms of industry standards. This is because high-quality medical care and economic success go hand in hand at Schoen Clinic. We finance a large portion of our investments using our business operation resources, letting us continuously make improvements for our patients and staff.

Our new operating theatre (2015) in Vogtareuth

What our “operating theatre of the future” looks like

Our long-term building projects are examples of our ongoing investments and sustainable finance plans. In the past few years, we have therefore invested around 200 million euros in our “surgery of the future” at Schoen Clinic locations in Neustadt, Hamburg Eilbek, München Harlaching, Vogtareuth and Bad Aibling, because world-class medicine is only possible through specialist excellence and state-of-the-art technology, combined with seamless processes and a pleasant environment. We ask the surgical team as well as our patients about their requirements. Based on these, operating theatres with natural daylight, spacious patient rooms in the intensive care ward and bright break rooms for staff have recently been included in the extension plans for München Harlaching. The results include corridors for patients and staff that are well thought-out and as short as possible, good working conditions and the best-possible conditions for our excellent treatment quality.