Schoen Clinic as a company

Largest family-run hospital group in Germany

Schoen Clinic is the largest family-run hospital group in Germany treating patients with statutory and private insurance. Since our foundation by the Schoen family in 1985, we have specialised in the medical specialties of mental health, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and internal medicine, where we are setting the standards. Because what we do often, we can also do especially well. So we are able to provide our patients with excellent medical care and the highest standards of quality.

In our team of more than 10,600 employees at 26 locations, you will find world-class doctors, carers, researchers, digital professionals, specialists and kind souls. These experts have come together at Schoen Clinic to improve medical care and our health services. Some people think that is impossible. But we are proving them wrong each day. It is all about what matters to you the most.

Our specialisation in numbers

From 20 seconds to 34 years - here we introduce our hospital group with some facts and figures.