Directions to the hospital

Your first point of contact at Schoen Clinic Consulting

You decide whether there are still matters to clarify or if you want to directly fill out the registration form.

Step-by-step through your registration

Step 1: First, contact Schoen Clinic Consulting, preferably via the online service.

Step 2: After clarifying all of your questions, fill out theonline application . Alternatively, download the registration form and personal report as a PDF and complete the printed form.

Step 3 (NOT for online registration): Send the signed form to Schoen Clinic Consulting via email, fax or post.

Step 4: Our team will review your registration documents and contact you regarding the further process.

Additional documents for your registration at a Schoen Clinic

  • Hospital admission order from a specialist consultant
    (psychiatrist, neurologist, specialist for psychotherapy, if applicable, a psychotherapist)
  • Your consultant’s/therapist’s current findings

You can either upload these documents during the online registration process or send them to us via email, fax or post; copies are sufficient.

Clinic contact and admission date

After clarification with our consultants and therapists, the waiting period will start and we will register you with the clinic of your choice. From this time on, the staff at the clinic will take care of you and will contact you regarding you admission date.