Inpatient withdrawal in the addiction clinic

Withdrawal and detoxification treatment on our special ward

At our hospital, we offer support to addicts who wish to undergo alcohol withdrawal, drug detoxification or withdrawal treatment for other substances, such as cannabis, on our special ward. Withdrawal takes place under close, standardised medical supervision (and medication if necessary).

The psychotherapeutic services on offer (individual and group therapy) include methods of behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT). The treatment usually lasts 20 days.

Therapy offers at the withdrawal clinic

The following elements are part of the therapies we offer:

  • Psychiatric diagnostics (if necessary, planning of psychiatric treatment beyond qualified withdrawal)
  • Individual medical consultations
  • Individual discussions on patient-centred care
  • Regular medical consultations and visits
  • Psychoeducational addiction groups (information and support for coping with illness)
  • Conversation, depression and anxiety management group
  • Creative design
  • Relaxation therapy (ear acupuncture according to the NADA protocol, PMR)
  • Socio-educational counselling
  • Support in the planning of addiction therapy follow-up treatment

Four addiction-specific self-help groups and one borderline self-help group meet regularly in our hospital and offer their support.


Once the withdrawal treatment is complete, it is possible to visit our outpatient aftercare group.

Registration for qualified withdrawal

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  • Phone: + 49 40 2092-3311