Interdisciplinary Thalidomide Consultation Hours

Specialised Range of Services

From 1957 to 1961, thalidomide was sold as a “completely non-poisonous” drug and specifically prescribed to alleviate problems during pregnancy. As a result, children with alarming deformities were born all over the world. 2,400 people suffering from this currently live in Germany. If you are affected, during our interdisciplinary thalidomide consultation hours in Hamburg, we offer specialised treatment that is tailored to you personally.

Range of treatments

Outpatient, pre-admission and inpatient treatment is possible.

Damage caused by thalidomide can be very different: In addition to obvious deformities, those affected also suffer from damage to internal organs, sensory organs and the nervous system. The individual extent of the damage can be very different but generally has an impact on all areas of life. Lifelong physical integration has caused significant degeneration of the locomotor system in many who are affected. Restriction in mobility and chronic pain are the consequences.

The range of treatments during interdisciplinary thalidomide consultation hours caters for all health problems associated with thalidomide damage. It comprises three synchronised treatment levels, individually tailored to your medical needs. External network partners complement the medical service offer.

In addition to pre-admission and inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment in our Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians consultation hours is also possible.