What to pack

Your treatment at Schoen Clinic

We’ve prepared a suitcase packing list to help you make sure you have all the essentials for your hospital stay. You should keep any documents important for admission right in your hand luggage.

To start.

To start

You should have the following documents on hand so that we can take care of the formalities of admission together right away:

  • ID card
  • Insurance card
  • Cost agreements and, if available, registration card for your health insurance plan
  • Referral (not required for rehab patients)
  • Name and address of doctor or therapist who treated you previously.
  • Treatment contract, if available
  • Phone numbers of your relatives, if we should inform them of anything
  • List of medication that you currently take, if any
  • All previous examination results that you have, such as medical findings, X-ray images, allergy pass, etc.
  • Patient decree or power of attorney if available
  • Rehab patients should bring the name and address of their pension insurance institution

Children and adolescents should bring along extra copies of their school reports. Welfare recipients and asylum seekers will only be admitted with a cost absorption declaration from the responsible social welfare authority.

We ask patients from outside the country to bring their passport and the down payment agreed upon (as agreed with the respective administrative office).

For your stay

  • Toiletries
  • Underwear and sleepwear
  • Dressing gown (included in convenience package)
  • Swimwear, pool shoes and extra hand towel if your hospital has an exercise pool.
  • Comfortable leisure wear
  • Training clothes and athletic shoes for inside and outside
  • Thick socks and/or slippers
  • Warm clothing for chilly days
  • Training clothes and indoor trainers – for your therapy at the clinic
  • Weather-proof outdoor clothing and athletic shoes for outdoor therapy
  • If you like: Hair dryer, radio alarm clock, CD player, laptop. If you would like to listen to music, please bring headphones as well.
  • Reading material and writing utensils

If possible, we ask you to refrain from taking electrical equipment with you. Should it be necessary, however, these devices must be checked by the technical service of the Schön Klinik Berchtesgadener Land. 

Please note that e-bikes may only be parked outside the clinic and batteries may not be stored in the room. We therefore recommend that you rent an e-bike on site if necessary. Information can be obtained from the Tourist-Info of the municipality of Schönau (Tel.: 08652 / 6 55 98 - 0).

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What about medication?

You’ll generally receive all the medication you need during your stay from us. If you have been instructed to take certain medication, or if you need medicine for other conditions, please bring a sufficient quantity for your entire stay. The same applies to equipment and walking aids.

To be left at home

Jewellery and other valuables should be left at home if possible. Otherwise, we advise you to lock cash and valuables in your room safe or deposit them in the reception safe.

Forget something?

Did you forget something? No problem - at our clinic kiosk, you can find plenty of things you’ll need for a stay at our hospital.

Supplements for orthopaedics patients

We recommend non-slip shoes with Velcro fasteners (so that you don’t need to tie the laces). Please bring a long shoehorn to avoid having to bend down low. If you need to, you can buy a shoehorn at the clinic kiosk.
If you already have them: Medical stockings or tights as well as medical corsets or forearm supports. We recommend marking all accessories brought from home with your name.
If you are scheduled to stay for rehabilitation afterwards, you will need an extra suitcase with comfortable leisure wear and weather-proof clothing for outdoors.

Supplements for eating disorder patients

If you have been admitted to one of our eating disorder wards, please observe the following: You may not bring any food, dietary supplements, vitamin products, laxatives, scales, tape measures or sports equipment (e.g. weights, heart rate monitors, TheraBands, skipping ropes, etc.).

Supplements for patients with dementia

  • Photos or 1-2 photo albums (photos from childhood, youth and young adulthood if possible)
  • Familiar music recordings, dance music (CDs, cassettes)

You are welcome to contribute your own performances to social evenings and prepare poetry, songs, photo DVDs, movies or similar.