Registering for Admission

We will support you so your stay starts without problems

In our clinic, various types of admission are possible. The most suitable process will be decided by your situation and the specialist department chosen. 

We generally accept patients who are insured by any insurance company and private insurers as well as those entitled to financial assistance and self-payers.

Information on inpatient admission


Please have the following documents ready to register for admission to the orthopaedic department:

  • Hospital referral from your treating physician or clinic
  • Written declaration by your health insurance, pension insurance or state aid office that you will pay the costs.

We recommend that you confirm the assumption of costs for treatment by your chief physician before starting treatment.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Following your inpatient orthopaedic treatment, outpatient rehabilitation is possible in our clinic. Please consult your treating physician for more information. Alternatively, we can arrange inpatient rehabilitation at our sister clinic Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land.


For an inpatient search for the cause or classification of neurological complaints (e.g. Parkinson's, gait and balance disorders, polyneuropathies, dizziness, etc.), please call in advance to make an appointment.

Please bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

  • Inpatient hospitalization for patients with statutory health insurance
  • Documents on examinations already carried out (e.g. MRT, letters)
  • Your health insurance card (chip card)
  • Currently needed orthopaedic aids
  • List of current medications

In the case of acute neurological treatment, e.g. acute stroke and its consequences, cerebral haemorrhages, craniocerebral trauma and paraplegia or treatment in the intensive care unit, referral is carried out either by the family doctor, specialist or emergency physician or by a pre-treating hospital.

Neurological Rehabilitation

We offer you inpatient neurological rehabilitation for phase C and inpatient rehabilitation for phase D.

For further information please contact our patient management.

Alzheimers Therapy Centre

For this inpatient rehabilitation measure, please first talk to your treating family doctor or neurologist, who can submit an appropriate application. The application is made via your health insurance company, your accompanying relative does not need a separate application from his own health insurance company.

Information on outpatient admission

Private ambulance

The registration for the private ambulance takes place in the chief physician's secretary's office.

Please bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

  • a copy of all previous findings (e.g. MRT images, doctor's letters);
  • List of medications that you regularly take

Please note: Unfortunately, we do not have a health insurance approval for outpatient treatments.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Outpatient orthopaedic rehabilitation can take place directly after your inpatient treatment. Please talk to your doctor in our clinic about this.

But you can also make use of this measure with a referral from your orthopaedist. Our patient management will be happy to help you.

Additional payment

For legally insured patients who have reached the age of 18 and who are not exempt from the additional payment, the legislator has stipulated that an additional payment of 10 euros for a maximum of 28 calendar days per year is to be paid for each inpatient treatment day. Please pay the co-payment upon receipt of the invoice following your in-patient stay. We will then forward the additional payment to your health insurance company.

Extras for your stay

Would you like to make your stay at the clinic more pleasant with special services? Then you are welcome to inform yourself about our optional services Schoen Comfort, which you can optionally book as a self-payer.

Our Schoen Clinic Patient Management will be happy to answer your questions.