Dr. Christoph B. Lücking

Only in an interdisciplinary team can we help our severely affected patients and develop their resources in the best possible way.

Schoen Clinic München Schwabing

Senior Registrar - Neurological Rehabilitation and Early Rehabilitation

+49 89 36087-0

Job title

Specialist in Neurology, Intensive Care Medicine and Palliative Care Medicine
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Publication 2017

Schluckstörungen (Buchkapitel)
C.B. Lücking et al.

Publication 2017

Therapieentscheidungen bei schweren neurologischen Erkrankungen
C.B. Lücking

Publication 2005

Parkin interacts with proteasomal subunit alpha 4
J. Dächsel, C.B. Lücking et al

Publication 2000

Alpha Synuclein and Parkinsons Disease
C.B. Lücking and A. Brice

Publication 2000

Association between early-onset PD and mutations in the parkin gene
C.B. Lücking et al