Treatment methods

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Conservative therapy of calcific tendinitis is sufficient for most patients. At the beginning, your shoulder is immobilised and you are given painkillers and, if necessary, anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of a syringe. Our experts have various options at their disposal for longer-lasting calcific tendinitis treatment.

Conservative treatment methods

Treatment of your calcific tendinitis with physiotherapy

You start with exercises for your calcific tendinitis as soon as the pain subsides. The calcific tendinitis is counteracted with physiotherapy. This will reduce the pressure on the affected tendon. Daily self-directed exercise programmes are very helpful.

Treatment of your calcific tendinitis with shock wave therapy

A second way to reduce your symptoms is shock wave therapy. During this, the calcific deposits are broken open by shock waves. This treatment method is discussed in different ways and is not currently paid for by statutory health insurance. However, many of our patients describe this treatment method as very effective.

Surgical treatment methods

Calcific tendinitis surgery

If you are still in pain after conservative treatment, surgery can help you. We remove the calcium deposits in the tendon by means arthroscopic surgery using the keyhole technique. Our experts only need small incisions for this. During the procedure, we inspect the affected tendon very carefully and suck off the calcific deposits with special instruments. Our aim is to open and reduce the calcific deposits. In many patients, calcific deposits can still be found in the tendon after the surgery, but this is completely normal. 

You should immobilise your shoulder with a sling for few days after the operation. Longer immobilisation after calcific tendinitis surgery is not necessary.