Prof. Dr. Boris Bätge

General medicine, with its subspecialties, is the most extensive field. Our hospital is characterised by the fact that, despite a high degree of specialisation, the entire field of general medicine concentrated in a single large department benefits patients from day one.

Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Head of Department - Hospital for Internal Medicine and Cardiology

+49 4561 54-2000

Job title

Specialist in General Medicine, Gastroenterology and Endocrinology
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Publication 2005

Modification of the structure and function of fibrillin-1 by homocysteine suggests a potential pathogenetic mechanism in homocystinuria.
Hubmacher, D., Tiedemann,K., Bartels,R., Brinckmann,J., Vollbrandt,T., Bätge,B., Notbohm,H., Reinhardt,D.P

Publication 2001

Interactions of fibrillin-1 with heparin/heparan sulfate: Implications for microfibrillar assembly.
Tiedemann, K., Bätge,B., Müller,P.K., Reinhardt,D.P.

Publication 1999

Overhydroxylation of lysyl residues is the initial step for altered collagen cross-links and fibril architecture in fibrotic skin
Brinckmann J, Notbohm H, Tronnier M, Acil Y, Fietzek P, Schmeller W, Müller PK, Bätge B:

Publication 1999

Ligand-induced downregulation of receptors for TGF-ß in human osteoblast-like cells.
Gebken J, Feydt A, Brinckmann J, Notbohm H, Müller PK, Bätge B:

Publication 1999

Hypergravity stimulates collagen synthesis in human osteoblast-like cells: evidence for the involvement of p44/42 MAP-kinases (ERK 1/2)
Gebken J, Lüders B, Notbohm H, Klein HH, Brinckmann J Müller PK, Bätge B:



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