Treatment methods

Conservative treatment methods

Vocal cord dysfunction: Treatment with breathing therapy

Special, individually learned breathing techniques help to relieve shortness of breath as quickly as possible or even prevent it from the outset. 

As vocal cord dysfunction is a mechanical respiratory obstruction, VCD therapy also starts with breathing and speech therapy. Medications do not help and are unnecessary as long as you do not also suffer from asthma that requires treatment. This is especially true for the generally high systemic cortisone levels, which can be quickly reduced under medical supervision following the diagnosis of VCD. The therapy is supplemented by the teaching of relaxation techniques.

Our VCD patients meet regularly in a special group that deals exclusively with this disease. The group is led by a qualified psychologist and a social pedagogue. Both have been working successfully with VCD patients for years. The topics of these group lessons are significantly oriented to the problems of the participants: In addition to exchanging experiences with other patients, you receive specific help and jointly develop individual strategies to cope with everyday life without any problems.

Even if the path to a correct diagnosis is often long: As soon as clarity is established, the knowledge of your illness and the breathing therapy techniques help you regain a normal life very quickly.