Our Therapy Concepts

From passivity to activity

We have orientated all our work in the therapy centre on one guiding principle: “From passivity to activity”. Our therapeutic team activates and accompanies you on the way into everyday life. We always keep this in mind when we cross-link our therapies in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and respiratory therapy as well as sports therapy for the successful rehabilitation of our patients.

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness-based exercises help you to experience moments consciously and without judgement and to listen to your body. This reduces stress and helps to master everyday life in the future.

Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy  will teach you to inhale and exhale more freely and consciously. This will strengthen your respiratory muscles and mobilise your thorax. Respiratory therapists train you in breathing perception, breathing techniques and the use of respiratory aids. As specific therapies, our therapists offer among others: Reflective respiratory therapy and modified autogenic drainage. So you can not only get better air, but also easily excrete mucus. This not only promotes recovery, it also prevents pneumonia. 

Therapy pool

The therapies in our exercise pool occur in different degrees of difficulty. Our therapists devote themselves to patients in individual therapy sessions, in small groups up to three people or in groups of up to 12 people.

Individual psychotherapy

Our clinic works according to the so-called "reference therapist system". As early as during the admission interview, our patients already get to know their reference therapist (psychologist or doctor), who will work with them to develop the individual disorder model based on biography. On this basis, he/she creates the customised treatment plan together with the patient and develops the targeted therapeutic interventions.

Nutrition therapy

We pursue the goal of bringing you closer to a health and pleasure-related eating behaviour. In addition to conveying information based on current scientific findings, it is important to us to promote your personal responsibility. Along-term stable change in eating behaviouris paramount.

The basis of our work is the so-called "anti-diet principle". This focuses on the basis of a balanced diet, on the one hand on the physical signals such as hunger and satiety and on the other hand on the sensual perception of taste and pleasure. It means (re)learning a natural eating behaviour without a bad conscience, prohibitions and calorie counting.

Occupational therapy

Illnesses and accidents often limit affected persons. Even little limitations in the muscles or sensitivity make movements that otherwise seem completely normal more difficult. In occupational therapy, patients learn how to manage their everyday lives themselves.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy includes all treatment forms, collectively, that use physical effects such as heat, light or water, to relieve or heal pain. This includes, for instance, massage, heat wrapping or stimulation current applications.


In different types of physiotherapy, we strengthen patients’ muscles, mobilise their joints and improve posture. Patients learn exercises that they can regularly carry out later without a therapist in order to live without pain long-term.

Social service

Our social service counsels patients and their families on psychosocial and legal matters that arise as a result of the respective illness. We help with questions about and applications for rehabilitation, organising care after staying at our clinic and much more.

Sport therapy and physiotherapy

Movement is always good for you and can help during treatment in a number of ways: In movement therapy, people learn how to perceive their bodies in a positive way. Patients can get active here and develop trust in their bodies, completely without performance pressure. The therapists utilise a variety of methods to optimally take the respective patient’s needs into account.