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Psychosomatic Medicine

Holistic and behavioural medical

Our expertise centre offers individual therapy offers for patients with mental and psychosomatic illnesses. Our treatment team of physicians, psychologists and therapists will meet you with high professional competence and personal appreciation. Our treatment approach is predominantly behavioural medicine. However, we use the extensive know-how of our team to offer individual and solution-oriented therapies for every patient.

Parallel to intensive psychotherapeutic measures, we also devote an attentive medical treatment to your physical symptoms. 

Strengthened to return to everyday life

Sophisticated, personalised therapies

In our clinic you will learn to recognise and understand your psychosomatic disorder. Behavioural therapies that are specific to the various disorders help you to deal with your problems and return you to your everyday life safely and stronger.

Solid reference therapist throughout the stay

Right at the beginning of your stay in our clinic you will be assigned to a reference therapist. Under the supervision of the medical director, the reference therapist will work with you to develop an individualised treatment plan that can include psychological therapies as well as relaxation techniques, social skills training, sports or design therapies. Regular team meetings and supervision are part of the continuous quality assurance.

The most important medical indications at a glance

  • depressive disorders
  • Coping strategies for burnout syndrome
  • AAdjustment disorders (after major stress and life crises)
  • Behavioural treatment of eating disorders with obesity (overweight) and binge eating disorder
  • Anxiety disorders (panic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety, other phobic disorders)
  • special pain therapy for chronic pain disorders (headache, migraine, back pain etc.)
  • somatoform disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Coping with serious physical illnesses (such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
  • Sleep disorders in the context of the above mental illness

Coping strategies for depression and burnout

Depression and burnout are manifested in physical, mental and emotional symptoms. As part of the therapy, our patients get a sense of the limits of their capacity and learn to recognise the problem of their own excessive demands. Specific treatment elements include psychoeducation, cognitive-behavioural interventions (stress management strategies), relaxation procedures and biofeedback.

Therapy of chronic pain disorders

Psychologically sound therapeutic procedures, drug treatment and physical rehabilitation are the central pillars of our pain therapy. In a pain management therapy group you will learn how to positively influence your pain event. So that you can find the positive aspects of life again despite the pain.

Helpful therapies for anxiety disorders

Our therapies for anxiety disorder patients begin with therapy talks that analyse the connections between fears, thoughts and behaviour in the form of psycho-reduction. Therapy also includes being exposed to anxiety-filled situations, initially gently accompanied by your therapist, then increasingly independently. A bundle of other therapy measures helps you to acquire techniques for relaxation and social competence.

Behavioural treatment for obesity

Eating disorders are a known reaction to mental problems. We treat eating disorders of patients with obesity (adiposity) and the binge eating disorder, which is characterised by uncontrollable binge eating without countermeasures. In a special Integrative Weight Reduction Programme (InGe), you will learn to change your eating and exercise behaviour under psychotherapeutic guidance. Comprehensive suggestions can be found in the Anti-Diet and Ess-protocol groups. A joint-sparing exercise programme developed and accompanied by sports therapists is also part of your therapy.

Find themselves again after burdens and crises

After great burdens or crises - triggered by the death of a close person, a termination or divorce - our physicians, psychologists and therapists help to develop helpful patterns of thinking and behaviour as well as individual concepts for coping with stress. During the stay in the clinic you strengthen your social competence and learn relaxation techniques. This is how you can find your way out of your crisis - the adjustment disorder called by the medical profession.

Coping with serious physical illness

Heavy physical illness often leaves deep traces in the soul. With the help of different therapeutic measures such as relaxation procedures, cognitive techniques and role-playing games, we help you to regain your courage, so that you can not only manage your life with the illness, but make it worth living again.