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Specialist Centre for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation in orthopaedics

Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation in orthopaedics

A targeted and individual rehabilitation in orthopaedics, tailored to the individual patient, immensely improves the result of operations. That’s why we work closely together with our referring acute hospitals and match our therapies very early on.

We offer rehabilitation after surgical interventions on the spine and endoprotheses, pain therapy, osteoporosis. For spinal problems, our self-developed interdisciplinary pain therapies will help you. In addition, we have acquired a supra-regional reputation in osteoporosis therapy.

Our in-depth know-how in inpatient care also benefits our outpatient patients. If you come from the region, you can come to intensive therapy sessions during the day in our clinic, without needing to leave your usual family and professional environment.

Sophisticated treatment concepts and many years of experience

The staff of our specialist centre for orthopaedics and sports medicine have many years of experience in rehabilitation after operative measures. Our orthopaedics are particularly specialised in the rehabilitation of endoprotheses and major spinal surgery. But even with the pain therapy and treatment of osteoporosis you are in good hands with our experts. Sophisticated therapy programmes will gradually remove limitations and help you to be more mobile.

Aftercare of spinal interventions

One of our specialities is spinal treatment. Chiropractic and medical therapies, fluoroscopic infiltration of the spine and sophisticated physiotherapeutic movement and exercise plans ensure optimal therapy during rehabilitation. An orthopaedic workshop in the hospital facilitates the fitting of corsets and other orthopaedic aids.

Spinal surgery focuses on stiffening surgery, disc surgery, scoliosis surgery, disc replacement surgery, and spinal stenosis, herniated discs, vertebral body fractures and trauma injuries.

Multidisciplinary pain therapy

For most patients pain is initially a major problem. Therefore, we have developed a diverse pain therapy concept - according to the latest scientific findings. Therapeutic measures such as massages, special storage techniques, electrical or heat applications are coupled with drug-based pain therapy, but also with chirotherapeutic and manual techniques. But even the psychological and social factors that could sustain the pain undergo attentive treatment.

Rehabilitation after joint and endoprosthesis operations

After endoprosthesis operations, an intensive rehabilitation is useful to restore the most extensive joint function and resilience. Per year, our expertise centre for orthopaedics treats over 1,000 patients who have received joint replacement for the hip, knee or shoulder. The rehabilitation can be taken as both an inpatient and outpatient, if the health status of the individual patient allows for this. Another focus is on accident post-treatment.

Rehabilitation after accidents at work

Our experienced physicians and therapists prepare patients for occupational accidents and occupational diseases for their professional reintegration. Our clinic is approved from the umbrella organisation of the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for both inpatient liability insurance association further treatment (BGSW) and extended outpatient physiotherapy. This means that patients can come to our orthopaedic centre for inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.

Help for patients with osteoporosis

With the help of modern diagnostics, we individually plan the treatment for each patient. Thanks to promising drug therapy, patients with osteoporosis can now be helped well. Physiotherapists and dieticians support you to further stabilise your success.

Rehabilitation following amputations

A team of experts from different professional groups ensures that your pain, including phantom pain, receives targeted medication. Wound healing, a well-adapted prosthesis, targeted gait training and the practice of everyday movements are the focus of the coordinated rehabilitation programme, which allows you to re-enter your everyday life despite the limitations of amputation.

Rheumatism treatment

In our clinic, we treat the entire spectrum of rheumatic diseases. Drug treatment, exercise and water therapy as well as a special occupational therapy complement each other sensibly. Specialists advise you on the topics "health-friendly nutrition" and "lifestyle with rheumatism".

Outpatient rehabilitation options

Pre- or aftercare programmes.

The IRENA (= Intensified Rehabilitation Nursing) programme of the pension insurance institutions is carried out following inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. The approval process for the IRENA programme is completely uncomplicated. You will receive therapy three times a week - for a maximum of eight weeks. In addition, we offer preventive programmes, such as for back pain patients.

Therapy measures on a prescription basis.

The therapy centre with its more than 40 qualified employees can also be used on a prescription basis. So you can continue your therapies after an inpatient or outpatient rehab treatment with the same therapist.

Health prevention and fitness.

At favourable self-pay terms you can use the sports therapy with medical training devices, various group therapies, but also a wide range of therapeutic single applications.

Outpatient rehabilitation with high therapeutic density

Those who do not live too far away from our clinic and do not need support can benefit from our high level of medical expertise and wide range of treatment options for outpatient rehabilitation or aftercare.

The most important medical indications at a glance

  • Treatment after orthopaedic, trauma surgery, neurosurgical and vascular surgery operations
  • Rehabilitation after joint surgery, especially after hip/knee and shoulder joint replacement (TEP) and corrective surgery
  • medical care after major and medial spinal surgery, such as after stiffening, scoliosis or disc replacement surgery, after surgery for spinal stenosis, herniated disc, vertebral body fractures and accidental injuries
  • Osteoporosis, osteomalacia
  • Accident treatment, especially after multiple injuries, operative bone fracture, soft tissue injuries or amputations
  • Sports injuries and sports damages
  • degenerative spine or disc disease
  • Arthrosis
  • special pain therapy for acute and chronic pain syndromes of the spine and limbs, even after amputations
  • rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, Bekhterev's disease or ankylosing spondylitis, polymyalgia rheumatica, gout...)

Clinic therapists used by the bobsleigh and skeleton national team

Beginning with the 2008/09 season, the therapists Ralf Speth and Ludwig Biller of the Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land look after the German bobsleigh and skeleton national team as sports physiotherapists. They accompany the athletes to World Cups and training camps, prepare them for the competitions with physical and physiotherapeutic measures and support their regeneration after the races.