SLAP lesion – our aftercare

Gentle but effective aftercare is advisable, particularly after surgery of your SLAP lesion. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land have developed comprehensive concepts for the acute and rehabilitative therapy of your SLAP lesion. Rehabilitation usually begins four to six weeks after surgery.

At the beginning, you will receive individual pain management in which we combine lymph drainage, pain-relieving treatments and medication for you. During physiotherapy after a SLAP lesion, you will practice mobilising your shoulder with our experienced therapists. Therapy in the exercise pool is particularly effective here, as it also reduces swelling, strengthens your muscles and improves coordination as well as resilience. In order to increase your endurance, we additionally use medical training therapy.

In short: We want you to be able to return to your everyday life with a strong shoulder.


General information about SLAP lesion

A SLAP lesion is a rupture or tear of the glenoid labrum in the glenoid cavity. Read more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis.