Shoulder arthrosis - our aftercare

If you require surgery for your shoulder arthritis, you can rely on a comprehensive treatment plan for your aftercare with us. Our team of consultants from the acute and rehabilitation clinics have developed this plan for you. After using an anatomical shoulder prosthesis, your rehabilitation usually begins after four to six weeks. If you have an inverted shoulder prosthesis, you can come to our Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land shortly after the operation. First we reduce possible pain after the operation with decongestant measures and well-dosed medication. At the same time, you train with our physiotherapists to gain more flexibility in your shoulder.

A proven treatment method is our therapy pool. The exercises performed here help you to gently recapture the mobility of your shoulder, reduce swelling, strengthen your muscles for more stability and resilience and improve your coordination. The medical training therapy will furthermore increase your endurance.

We support you with modern therapies and empathic care in order for you to move your shoulder freely again.


General information about Shoulder arthrosis

Everything about causes, symptoms and diagnosis of shoulder arthrosis. Quickly pain-free again thanks to our experienced arthrosis specialists.