Vocal cord dysfunction – our rehabilitation services

At the beginning of your rehabilitation due to vocal cord dysfunction, our specialists at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land perform a detailed diagnosis, because we know from experience that unfortunately vocal cord dysfunction is not always easy to determine. Our goal is to ascertain your existing condition and align your vocal cord dysfunction therapy with your symptoms in oder to achieve the best possible results.
Our respiratory therapists have put together a special breathing technique to treat vocal cord dysfunction (VCD): You should learn to breathe in such a way that the dreaded shortness of breath occurs less frequently or even stops altogether. With enough practice, this is the best option for self-help with vocal cord dysfunction. The goal is for you to use and train this breathing technique at home after your rehabilitation. In addition, you will receive special physiotherapy for vocal cord dysfunction, which helps you to deal with your condition.


General information about Vocal cord dysfunction

Breathing problems but no asthma? Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) has similar symptoms. Learn more about the causes and diagnosis of respiratory problems.