Pulmonary fibrosis – our rehabilitation services

The limitations caused by pulmonary fibrosis can be stressful for you. But even if pulmonary fibrosis is not curable, we at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadner Land offer you support in living with your condition in the best possible way. Our experienced rehabilitation specialists know how to strengthen your pulmonary function and improve your quality of life. Coughing, which is a substantial symptom of pulmonary fibrosis, is also treated as part of your rehabilitation. First, we adapt the drugs for pulmonary fibrosis exactly to your needs. In addition to that, the most important component of our therapy is exercise and sports therapy. During physiotherapy especially for pulmonary fibrosis, you will learn to increase your resilience within the scope of your possibilities. Another important component of pulmonary fibrosis rehabilitation is respiratory therapy. Here you will learn effective breathing and coughing techniques that you can also use at home. Furthermore, our nutrition experts will show you what is important in terms of diet for pulmonary fibrosis. This way you can return to your everyday life with renewed energy, increased strength and knowledge.


General information about Pulmonary fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis refers to an increasing accumulation of connective tissue in the lungs. Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnostics.