Lung transplantation – our rehabilitation services

For your lung transplantation to be successful, active preparation and rehabilitation following your surgery is an important additional component. We actively prepare you for your lung transplantation surgery at Europe’s largest centre for the preparation and aftercare of lung transplants, Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land. Physiotherapists stabilise and increase your physical fitness as far as possible. In the transplantation group, you can also talk to patients who have already received a new lung. In particular, the reports of others about their experiences with a lung transplant can help you to have a positive influence on your fears.
After your lung transplant, our experienced therapists will gently mobilise you. We provide you with individual guidance to increase your physical resilience step by step – with your new lung. During your rehabilitation after the lung transplantation, you participate once again in the transplantation group, only this time you tell others about your experiences.

Rehabilitation prior to a lung transplant

Rehabilitation following a lung transplant

General information about Lung transplant

Lung transplantation helps to improve the quality of life. Learn more about the diseases and symptoms that make this procedure necessary.