Bronchial asthma – our rehabilitation services

Bronchial asthma is with you throughout your life – but it does not have to determine your life. Our therapy for bronchial asthma is designed to give you back as much quality of life as possible, despite asthma.
Even if it is not possible to cure bronchial asthma completely, you will learn how to better manage the illness during your stay with us at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land.. Our experienced specialists first check which medication you are taking for bronchial asthma and adjust them if necessary.
Through well-founded training and everyday therapies, you will learn what the best course of action is with bronchial asthma in order to experience as few attacks or restrictions as possible. During bronchial asthma rehabilitation, respiratory physiotherapists, for example, teach you helpful breathing techniques. With enough practice, you can breathe more easily in everyday life and deal better with asthma attacks – a great benefit for your quality of life.


General information about Bronchial asthma

Asthma bronchiale - when you suddenly lose your breath: Learn more about the origin, symptoms and diagnosis of respiratory problems.