Meniscus damage – our rehabilitation services

Especially if your meniscus has been sutured, subsequent rehabilitation is helpful in order to mobilise your knee over the long term. In the early phase, it is important to take measures to reduce the swelling and maintain mobility. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land have developed effective treatment concepts for meniscus damage for acute and rehabilitative therapy. We adapt these individually for you so that rehabilitation can follow on from your operation seamlessly.

If your knee is still sore at the beginning, we support your recovery and wound healing with measures and medication that relief pain as well as reduce swelling. Our physiotherapists will perform strengthening exercises with you, which have proven of use for meniscus damage. In addition, you train in our exercise pool in order to gently strengthen your muscles and thus increase the resilience of your knee. These exercises also help you to reduce the swelling of your knee and to gradually regain your coordination and mobility.


General information about Meniscus damage

Excessive strain or age-related wear and tear - find out here how meniscus damage occurs and how it is diagnosed.