Hip impingement – our rehabilitation services

To ensure that your hip is fully resilient and mobile again after a hip impingement operation, rehabilitation especially for hip impingement is very useful. Our specialists have developed a cross-clinic concept for hip impingement patients to ensure that acute and rehabilitation treatment is optimally coordinated. Our specialists tailor it to your individual needs and can thus precisely align the treatment plan.Our goal: We want you to be able to lead your normal life with full mobility after rehabilitation with us, for example by being able to do sports despite hip impingement.

To achieve this, you train muscles and tendons around the hip with physiotherapy. In addition, you strengthen your hips with exercises in the therapy pool. If you are still suffering from the pain typical of hip impingement at the beginning, we will help you with gentle treatments and individually dosed medication. In addition, our social service will be happy to support you with your return to everyday life. 


General information about Hip impingement

Hip impingement - when the femur hits the acetabulum. Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis.