Femoral neck fracture – our rehabilitation services

After your rehabilitation following a femoral neck fracture we want you to be as mobile and agile as you were before the fracture. For a lasting treatment success, it is important that the acute and rehabilitation clinics are precisely coordinated. That is why our specialists in Berchtesgadener Land have jointly developed treatment concepts here. They are based on our extensive experience with femoral neck fractures. We adapt the concept individually to your situation, your age and any previous and concomitant diseases. In this way, we can provide you with optimal support during your recovery and prevent long-term effects of the femoral neck fracture. Special exercises represent an important part of our treatment plan following a femoral neck fracture. By doing these exercises, you can improve your mobility, coordination and resilience and become more confident again.

Our dedicated nursing team and our social services are happy to be there for you during the rehabilitation and help you to return to your normal everyday life.


General information about Femoral neck fracture

Severe pain after a fall? A femoral neck fracture can be the cause. Learn more about the symptoms and diagnosis of this fracture.