Ankle cartliage injuries – our rehabilitation services

Subsequent rehabilitation is crucial in order for surgery of ankle cartliage injuries to be a long-term success. Our rehabilitation specialists have thus developed a treatment concept together with their colleagues from the acute clinic and will adapt it individually for you. Our rehabilitation therapy for your cartilage damage in the ankle begins with you not putting any excessive strain on your operated foot in the first few weeks after the operation and not becoming accustomed to any incorrect protective postures. At the same time, we apply our holistic pain concept, which includes measures and medication to relieve swelling as well as pain.

Then you will learn how to mobilise your foot in our physiotherapy for ankle cartliage injury. OIn our therapy pool, special exercises help you to stabilise your muscles, enhance your physical strain, reduce the swelling of your ankle joint as well as improve your mobility and coordination. Our medical training therapy will increase your endurance performance.


General information about Ankle cartilage injuries

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