Achilles tendon injuries– our rehabilitation services

If none of the conservative treatments have helped your Achilles tendon injury, an operation is often necessary. Surgery is usually also required after an Achilles tendon rupture. In order for your Achilles tendon to heal properly after surgery, our rehabilitation specialists have developed effective treatment concepts with orthopaedic surgeons at the specialist hospital. Your personal treatment plan is based on this and contains intensive exercises to regain mobility and improve the often considerable muscle loss. Our special therapies in the therapy pool particularly help you to improve your mobility and coordination,reduce the swellingas well as enhance physical strain and muscular stabilisation. Medical exercise therapy also increases your endurance capacity.
To alleviate your pain caused by your Achilles tendon injury we combine measures to reduce the swelling with proven medication and gentle physiotherapy.


General information about Achilles tendon injuries

Your Achilles tendon hurts or is inflamed? We inform you about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of an Achilles tendon disease.