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Therapist treats the foot and ankle joint of a patient with physiotherapeutic exercises

Rehabilitation for the foot and ankle – regaining mobility for your everyday life

When it comes to the rehabilitation of your foot and ankle, your attending rehabilitation consultant decides on your treatment together with the surgeon at the acute clinic. In this way, we find out exactly what your foot is missing and then know how we can support it. Through this close coordination between the acute clinic and the rehabilitation clinic, you can be sure that you will receive a treatment plan that is individually tailored to your needs. Our particular expertise lies in the aftercare of complex foot operations and endoprostheses of the ankle. Your personal treatment plan begins from your very first day with us at the rehabilitation clinic for the foot and ankle.
You will learn exercises from physiotherapy and occupational therapy that will stabilise your foot and ankle. We also use physical therapies, such as massages and lymphatic drainage. They ensure better blood circulation and wound healing. Thanks to our experience and extensive expertise, we are among the best rehabilitation clinics for foot and ankle injuries in Bavaria. This is confirmed, for example, by the regular awards for our hospital by the German magazine ‘Focus Health’. Your advantage if you live nearby: We also offer intensive outpatient rehabilitation.
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Our orthopaedic specialists are outstanding

Our foot and ankle department is one of the best orthopaedic rehabilitation facilities in Germany. This is confirmed by the repeated award by the German magazine ‘Focus Health’: Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land has already been listed several times as the ‘Top Rehabilitation Clinic’ in the orthopaedics category.

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Our specialists for the foot and ankle in Berchtesgadener Land

Our specialists for foot and ankle rehabilitation draw on their many years of experience to make your foot as stable and resilient as possible. Our physiotherapists select the most suitable applications for you to mobilise your ankle or foot. Our experience shows: During rehabilitation for the foot and ankle, exercises in the exercise pool are particularly gentle while also having a strengthening effect. Our occupational therapists will train you how best to protect your joints in everyday life.
We have developed a holistic pain concept to effectively treat your pain. It is based on our many years of experience and current scientific findings and includes swelling-reducing physical measures, pain-relieving treatments and painkillers.
In short: With the combination of mobilisation and pain relief, you have an excellent chance of getting back on your feet in your everyday life.

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