Slipped vertebra – our rehabilitation services

In the case of a slipped vertebra, also known medically as spondylolisthesis, outpatient treatment is sometimes not sufficient. In our rehabilitation at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land we take intensive care of you - also and especially after surgery for slipped vertebra. For this purpose, our specialists for spondylolisthesis in the acute and rehabilitation clinics have developed treatment concepts that we adapt individually for you.

For example, our physiotherapists will show you special exercises for stabilisation to strengthen the surrounding musculature and ensure the results of the operation. During back training, you will learn movement sequences and postures for everyday life at home. At the same time we show you exercises in medical training therapy that are particularly beneficial for spondylolisthesis. If you are overweight, you will receive practical tips for a healthy diet. If you suffer from pain due to your slipped vertebra, we combine medication with pain-relieving applications. In the event of chronic pain we support you by means of psychotherapy and mindfulness training.


General information about Slipped vertebra

Slipping of the vertebrae is when one or more vertebrae of the spine slip. Learn more about the causes and symptoms.