Osteochondrosis – our rehabilitation services

The goal of our rehabilitation services for osteochondrosis at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land: We want to slow down the course of your illness and alleviate the symptoms. Therefore, we have developed a treatment concept together with colleagues from the acute clinic, which we align to suit your individual needs.

Our physiotherapists train your core and abdominal muscles with you - also in the exercise pool, which is particularly gentle and effective. They will further show you special back exercises that you can easily do at home. In addition, you will learn favourable movement sequences for everyday life with osteochondrosis in specific back training courses. Rehabilitation therapy for osteochondrosis also includes holistic pain management: Depending on your personal needs, we combine carefully dosed medication with alternative treatment methods such as acupuncture or osteopathy. Our psychotherapists are there for you in the event of chronic pain and psychological problems.

During your stay, our nursing team will look after you attentively and our social service will help you to return to everyday life.


General information about Osteochondrosis

In osteochondrosis there is a change in the area of the intervertebral discs and spine. Everything about the causes and symptoms here.