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Answers to your questions


On the day of your departure, please pay the additional costs stipulated by the payers at our reception. There, your telephone fees etc. are also billed. We accept debit cards (with PIN entry) as well as VISA and Mastercard credit cards at no extra cost. However, cash withdrawals via these cards are subject to fees.

Alcoholic drinks

Bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited in our facility. No alcoholic beverages are served in our cafeteria either.


The registration procedure varies slightly, depending on whether you come in connection with a hospital stay, if your specialist or GP prescribes you for rehabilitation, or if you are being admitted for acute inpatient hospital treatment (only for the Psychosomatic Medicine Expertise Centre).


Please plan your arrival so that you arrive at the clinic between 11 am and 12 pm. In this way we can do your admission examinations on the same day and make sure you start your therapies as soon as possible.

You will find all the information, including detailed directions for the drive, under the link.


Please register directly with our reception directly beside the main entrance. Please also have the master data list and the signed treatment contract, which you filled out in advance for us, readily available. You do not need all the medical records (such as x-rays, medical reports and so on) when admitted to our reception, but you should have them readily available at he doctor's first visit.

Admission date

In general, consultation between you and us regarding the desired date is permitted. In some cases, however, the payer determines the beginning of rehabilitation. If you are unable to attend the appointment specified by us, please inform our patient service immediately.

Accompanying person

We are pleased when companions travel with for a weekend or even for the whole time of the stay. (For patients of the Psychosomatic Medicine Expertise Centre, the medical director reserves the right to decide regarding the admission of companions.) On request, companions can also stay and eat with us in the clinic. For more information, please contact our patient management. Please note that companions cannot be medically cared for, or by nurses.

Handicapped clinic

Our entire establishment is oriented to the needs of wheelchair users. You can reach all floors with sufficiently large lifts and find everywhere wide enough doors and passageways.

Aid patients

Detailed information, also about the legal basis, can be found here.


Visitors are welcome at any time during the clinic’s opening hours (7 am to 10 pm daily). Visitors and relatives are also able to take meals in the dining room. You can buy food stamps in the cafeteria for this.

Leave of absence/absence

Please note that leave of absence is generally not included and the in-patient stay in our clinic may not be interrupted.

The rehabilitation stay in our clinic may not be interrupted due to public holidays and/or weekends. The payers can withdraw the cost absorption (even retrospectively) if they learn about it. In addition, there is no insurance cover if an accident occurs during the absence of the patient. Please comply with the insurance structure. Absences could otherwise lead to payment defaults on the part of the payers to our clinic, which we would have to pass on to you.


There is a selection of books in the common room and in the comfort lounge, which you can borrow for free during your stay in the clinic.


Our cafeteria is open weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm, and from 10 am on weekends. In addition to drinks, cakes, fruit, sweets and snacks, it also offers a select range of newspapers, postcards and toiletries. Directly bordering the cafeteria is a large terrace and a TV room.


All of our patient rooms are equipped with a TV that allows our patients to receive 31 different German and five foreign-language programmes in cable quality free of charge. In addition, we have a TV room with a large screen that is accessible at all times. Please note that curfew is from 10pm.

Leisure programme

Our extensive leisure programme offers you trips to the excursion destinations in our beautiful surroundings, lectures, films, concerts, but also creative courses and guided hikes.

You can use all buses in the vicinity free of charge (you only pay a small surcharge to Salzburg and Bad Reichenhall). Please get a guest card (for a small deposit) at our reception for this.


A local hairdressing salon has its own space in our clinic, so you can arrange appointments individually.

Foot care

We can arrange foot care appointments on the premises. Experienced specialists come to your room for foot care.

Legal basis

If you need support negotiating with your health insurance company, you will find the right rules and paragraphs here.

Church services

Catholic and evangelical services are regularly held in our lecture room.

Indoor swimming pool

Our exercise bath can be used at fixed times (before and after the therapy periods) for free swimming and free practice. For this, a medical license is required.


Between 7 and 10pm, you can use three Internet work places in a separated area of ​​our foyer for free.

Our clinic has a nationwide WLAN network. So you can comfortably go onto the Internet in your room with your internet-enabled device such as laptop, smartphone or tablet. The use of the standard bandwidth is free of charge; higher bandwidths can be booked for a fee.

Only condition: Your device only has to have a WLAN receiver with the common 802.11 b/g standard.

You will receive your personal access data at the reception.

Clinic trail

Around the clinic leads a flat asphalted path, which allows for a range of beautiful views of the beautiful mountains.

What to pack

Here you will find a suitcase packing list, which makes it easier for you to think of everything important. Please pack several pieces of luggage (max 15 kg) instead of a heavy suitcase. Then it will also be easier for us if we want to help you.

Cost agreement

The social service in the acute hospital (at AHB) or your health insurance or your pension insurance carrier send the agreement together with the medical documents to our establishment. Please inform us as soon as the cost agreement is simultaneously available to you. We will contact you if we lack documents for admission or if we still need special information (for example, current findings, medication list) for the expertise centres.

Public transportation

We have a large bus network with good connections in the region, with which you can reach all places and tourist attractions. The nearest bus stop is directly on the road below the clinic.

Opening hours

Our establishment is open between 7 am and 10 pm and is also open to visitors during this time. After 10 pm, all public rooms in the clinic and the exterior doors will be closed.

Orthopaedic workshop

Directly in the clinic there is an orthopedic workshop of the health care supply store Pohlig, which can be reached under thetelephone number+ 49 8652 93-1618


If you arrive by car, you can drive into our underground car park for a fee (up to a maximum of 3.-- € for every 24 hours from entry). However, we cannot give you a fixed reservation for a place: Entry is only possible if free places are available. There is no parking in the clinic grounds for campers and other vehicles with overheight.

Additional parking at very discounted prices is available about ten minutes walking distance at the parking lot opposite the Schornbad. You can park free of charge in our underground car park for half an hour to unload your luggage - but unfortunately also only then when the garage is not completely full.

Private supplementary insurance

If you are privately insured or have a private supplementary insurance, please inform us of your insurance in advance by calling the following telephone number +49 8652 93-1607 or-1604. Only in this way can we take this into account in our room reservation and ensure that we already have a selection of medical services at the time of admission.

Private patients

You can find comprehensive information about our services here.

Smoke-free clinic

We want to protect our patients and employees from the harmful vapours and unpleasant odour of smoking. Therefore, smoking is prohibited in the entire clinic building including the rooms and on the balconies. Smoking is only permitted at a smoker’s pavilion located near a foot path to the clinic. We offer our patients free smoking cessation courses - do something really good for your health!

Compensation for travelling

Compensation for travelling depends on your health insurance or your pension insurance carrier. You will receive information about the respective reimbursement at our reception or from your payer’s relevant person in charge.


You can either use the direct telephone line in your room via a fixed amount flat rate, which covers all phone calls in German and European landlines and costs 2.50 euros per day, or via a daily basic fee of 1.50 euros (additional cost 0.20 euros per unit). A public payphone is located in the entrance hall.

Transfer/shuttle service from the train station or airport

We are happy to pick up our patients free of charge with our clinic bus from the Berchtesgaden train station. Please let us know your arrival time at the latest on the day before arrival. For patients who are flying to Salzburg, we arrange a cost-effective transfer (45 euros), which you can book at our patient service.


Medical preliminary findings are generally provided to us. If you have received additional documents (x-rays or findings) issued, please also bring them with you to the admission appointment.

Laundry and drying room/laundry service

You can do your laundry in a room with washing machines and dryers. There, irons and ironing boards are also available. Furthermore, you can use a laundry service that returns your laundry washed and ironed within three days.


You should try to leave jewellery and other valuables at home. Otherwise, we advise you to put cash and valuables in the room safe or deposit them in the reception safe.

Additional payment

As an insured person or pensioner, you are required to make an additional payment of 10 euros per day for in-patient rehabilitation stays. However, the maximum limit for follow-up treatments (AHB) is 28 days, whereby the hospital and rehabilitation stays are calculated together.
 For rehabilitation without previous hospitalisation, most health insurances have set the limit at 42 days, but some health insurances require additional payment for the entire period. In your payer’s cost agreement you will find the respective amount - otherwise please ask our patient service. You will receive the extra payment invoice shortly before your departure in our clinic. Please settle the invoice before your departure at our reception.