Treatment methods

Stopping the progression of the disease

If you are suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, we offer you various effective therapy options at Schoen Clinic. This enables us to stop or at least slow down the progression of the disease.

We treat patients with all forms and severities of fibrotic diseases of the lung tissue. Many patients who are already at an advanced stage of the disease or need to be prepared for a lung transplant come to our clinic.

We offer you a special post-COVID-19 pulmonary rehabilitation tailored to your individual needs.

Conservative treatment methods

Drug-based pulmonary fibrosis therapy

Drug-based therapy depends on the type of pulmonary fibrosis. There are forms of fibrosis that respond to anti-inflammatory drugs. Known as immunosuppressants, they also suppress the body’s own defence mechanism. Newly developed drugs that can delay the course of the disease are used for the most common form, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. 

Medical exercise therapy – respiratory physiotherapy

The central element of inpatient rehabilitation is medical sports and movement therapy under the guidance of experienced sports scientists. What many patients and referring physicians consider impossible – physical exertion – becomes possible if you train in a way that corresponds to your illness-related limitations. We conduct careful medical performance tests before you start training. By means of sports-therapeutic entrance tests, we determine the right level of physical exertion for your individual needs. Training allows you to increasingly improve your physical endurance and muscle strength. This leads to increased mobility and boosts your zest for life.

Our respiratory physiotherapy specialists will train you in breathing awareness and cough avoidance, and practice specific breathing and coughing techniques with you.

Long-term oxygen therapy with pulmonary fibrosis

Long-term oxygen therapy may be necessary if a lack of oxygen in the blood is detected during the lung function analysis at rest or during exercise. As part of inpatient rehabilitation, we take various measurements during the day, during the night and under stress to determine the correct indication for long-term oxygen therapy and adjust the dosage to your individual life situation. At Schoen Clinic, you will be trained in a special oxygen therapy programme by consultants, psychologists and social workers and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. Patients who have been living with long-term oxygen therapy for years and who are involved in self-help groups regularly give lectures at our clinic and provide you with first-hand information.

Psychological and socio-medical counselling

During this, we discuss with you how the limitations of pulmonary fibrosis affect your family and professional life. We want to work with you to develop new perspectives that concern not only the physical but also the psychological and social aspects of your life.

Preparation for a possible lung transplant (LTx)

Lung transplantation (LTx) is an established therapy for advanced pulmonary fibrosis. We will discuss this option with you in sufficient time. Our many years of experience at Schoen Clinic in dealing with lung transplant patients forms the suitable basis for these discussions – both before and after the operation.