Treatment methods

Individual treatment depending on the cause

As a rule, you should take care of yourself physically and, in the event of fever, be confined to bed rest. You should drink a lot. Inhalations, breathing therapy and mucolytic medication can also bring about an improvement.

We offer you a special post-COVID-19 pulmonary rehabilitation tailored to your individual needs.

Conservative treatment methods

Drug therapy

The pneumonia pathogen is rarely known at the start of the disease. However, since pneumococcus is almost always the main cause, it is usually treated with an antibiotic. The duration of treatment is about five to seven days, only longer in exceptional cases. If the fever has not diminished after two days and the symptoms do not improve, the diagnosis and therapy must be re-assessed.

Oxygen ventilation

Severe pneumonia treated in hospital can lead to a lack of oxygen. In this case, continuous administration of oxygen, usually via a nasal cannula, is necessary. In the event of the most severe inflammation, mechanical ventilation may even be necessary in the intensive care unit.

Rehab after pneumonia

Rehabilitation in a special clinic makes sense, especially for patients who have suffered from severe pneumonia with complications following mechanical ventilation or prolonged bed rest. During this, they are helped to regain their ability to work and perform as well as their quality of life.