Treatment methods

Break down fears, step-by-step

In principle, major therapeutic success can be achieved when treating anxiety disorders. Options include psychotherapeutic and drug therapy approaches.

At Schoen Clinic, we follow the current, scientifically founded recommendations of the expert associations when treating you. Our experienced physicians and therapists apply behavioural therapeutic techniques with a focus on exposition treatment.
Your therapist will motivate you to seek out the feared situations and locations, with him or her, to break down your fears and prevent panic attacks. Throughout the course of your treatment, you will receive support so you can do these exercises alone. With therapy, we can help you get control of your life back. Your treatment team will discuss with you whether or not drug therapy is right for you. This decision depends on, among other things, the severity of the symptoms, your experiences to date and your personal preference.

Conservative treatment methods

Group therapy

A special therapy we offer at Schoen Clinic is the group therapy specifically developed for overcoming fears. In the framework of this group therapy,
you will learn how to recognise the vicious cycle of fear and thus reduce your avoidance and security behaviour. You will learn that panic attacks will abate on their own and your heart will not stop. The group follows the concept that anxiety disorders cannot be treated “on the couch”. Anxiety patients have to actively modify their behaviour. The theoretical knowledge is applied in practice and group expositions are performed in the group. This allows the affected persons to support and motivate each other which is seen as very helpful.
As a result of the therapy, you will learn how to trust your body again. The constant self-observing will be deflected toward external events: You will concentrate on your environment again and will not be distracted by physical reactions. Relaxation techniques can also help you consciously relax your body.