Infantile cerebral palsy (ISP) - our rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is crucial for the lasting success of infantle cerebral palsy treatment – whether conservative or surgical. Therefore, together with our colleagues from the acute clinic we have developed a special concept for the treatment of cerebral palsy. It is primarily aimed at intensive rehabilitation after surgery to correct joint malpositions and muscle shortening. With our follow-on treatment for infantile cerebral palsy, we want to ensure as early as possible that previous malpositions do not recur and that the mobility of your child improves overall.

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and lymph drainage or massages are part of the daily treatment plan. Our therapists are specially trained in the neurophysiological treatment of infantile cerebral palsy. You and your child will receive further support from our psychologists and social service experts. Our attentive nursing team ensures the optimal care of infantile cerebral palsy.


General information about Cerebral palsy

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