Schoen Clinic: leading in lung transplantation rehab

Rehabilitation after a lung transplant should be performed at a specialised rehabilitation clinic. Only these have experience with the special conditions such as the hygienic requirements. They also know how to deal with immunosuppression, i.e. how to suppress the rejection process for the foreign lung.

Rehabilitation and aftercare

Why rehab after a lung transplant?

Schoen Clinic is Germany’s leader in lung transplant rehabilitation. In the last twenty years, more than 2,000 patients from almost all transplant centres in Germany and Austria have been referred to us and cared for by us. At probably no other clinic in Europe do so many people come together for whom the topic of ‘lung transplants’ is of such great importance. Numerous publications in specialist journals on the subject of ‘rehabilitation before and after a lung transplant’ originate from our clinic.

Rehabilitation makes sense not only immediately after a transplant but also for long-term transplant patients. If there are already signs of chronic rejection in long-term transplant patients, rehabilitation can help to improve their functional condition. 

At Schoen Clinic, we have a specially equipped ward as well as our own dining room for lung transplant patients. As part of our comprehensive hygiene concept, special consideration is paid to your particular needs.