Panic disorder – our treatment

At Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land the aim of our therapy of panic attacks is to enable you to independently cope with situations that previously caused you to panic. This allows you to regain control over your life. In general, a panic disorder is easily treatable – but not by talking alone.

Our experienced psychotherapists thus use exposure therapy to treat your panic disorder. During this, they gently guide you to face the situations that trigger panic. First of all, you put yourself in this situation together with your personal mentoring therapist. Later, you try to cope with the situation on your own. During the preparation and follow-up, you will learn to assess the situation realistically and to control your flight impulse until the symptoms have abated. Remember: your active participation is important in order for exposure therapy to be successful. Our therapists will support you in this so you can go home with a good chance of a normal everyday life.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Panic disorder

A panic disorder often triggers a paralyzing anxiety in patients. You can find out more about the causes, symptoms and diagnostics here.