Headache – our therapy

Before your mentoring therapist draws up your individual treatment plan for your headaches, we at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land take our time in conducting your diagnosis. This is because headaches can have very different triggers and require a detailed examination. Especially in the case of chronic headaches, for example, we ask about your previous use of headache medication. Our experts can then decide whether and, if so, which medication you should take.

But in order to achieve a long-term improvement with your headaches, non-drug strategies for coping with headaches are important. Endurance sports, psychotherapy and relaxation exercises, for instance, provide good support for headaches. Changing your sleeping and eating habits can also help. At the same time, you will receive specific tips on how to deal with headache attacks. By applying the helpful strategies, you can finally deal with your headaches better and return to your normal everyday life.

General information about Headache

Headaches can occur in many different forms. Learn more about possible causes and diagnostic options.