Depression – our treatment

If depression won’t let go of you, an inpatient stay can provide the crucial support you need. At Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land we would like to help you to enjoy your life again. Following a detailed diagnosis, your mentoring therapist will draw up an individual treatment plan with you. This is the basis for our long-term treatment of your depression.

If necessary, we also supplement your psychotherapy with medication to treat your depression. In our experience cognitive behavioural therapy has proven to be an effective method of dealing with depression. Here you learn to recognise unfavourable thoughts as well as behavioural patterns and change them for the better. Complementary therapies include movement therapy, mindfulness training and various relaxation methods.

Have you been suffering from depression for more than two years? Then we are the right place for you because we specialise in treating chronic depression and have developed a special treatment concept for this the cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy (CBASP).

Group therapy

Individual therapy

General information about Depression

Signs, causes and diagnosis of depression? We clarify and demonstrate how we detect and treat depressive disorders.